Can I Give My Dogs Human Multivitamin?

I take Equate Complete Multivitamins everyday and was wondering if you can give them to your dogs as well, or maybe grind them up and add them to their water. I just don’t know if there are supplements in these multivitamins dogs can’t have. Does anyone know?
And please, don’t answer with a guess.


  1. Lorraine says

    It’s not a guess and the answer would be no.
    The reason is because if you are feeding a decent enough kibble then all that he needs would be within that. You can overdose on some of the vitamins and calcium in particular.
    If you feed him something where you don’t feel he is getting the right nutrients then get a dog vitamin such as SA37, although this is normally used for a dog working all day.

  2. Anonymous says

    dont. they have dog vitamins at publix. little dogs get half of 2 and big dogs over a certain weight they can have a full 1. they are ppl. vitamins 4 dogs. (in the shape of humans)

  3. Eno says

    don’t give your dog human medicines or multivitamins.
    There are enough added vitamins in dog food already.

  4. dan says

    I’d say yes. Try cutting the pill in half with a pill cutter and feed her.

    NEVER listen to people or vets who suggest feeding your dog kibble. It’s NEVER a good idea to feed your dog kibble.

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